Welcome to Evil Strange Podcast!

Welcome to our Podcast and Page! We are your delightful hosts, Melicious & Strangel. We will be taking you through journeys of everything Evil and Strange.


Hi! I’m Melicious. I have always been interested in paranormal and real life crime for as long as I can remember. Not to mention, everything creepy, weird or unexplained. Strangel and I have been best friends for many years. I have been wanting to start a podcast as soon as I heard my first one…… and with the help and encouragement from her, Here we are!


Heyyyyyy everybody! What’s crackin’? So I’m the Strange in Evil Strange, aka, Strangel! I’m a huge fan of true crime & creepy and weird shit, and it’s probably all Mel’s fault. NO REGERTS! We’ve been besties since we were 14 & how we met was off campus smoking cigarettes and Mel asked me if I shaved off my eyebrows, too… and we’ve been in love ever since!

About me…. I’m strange, goofy, passionate, funny and kinda crazy. Old school punk/goth poser, and I cuss like a trucker.

When Mel first told me about the idea of doing a podcast, I didn’t hesitate to make it become a reality for us. We have always discussed these subjects together & crack ourselves up or freak ourselves out when we do, so why not share our evil & strange takes on the things that we find evil & strange?