Can you believe it has been one year already?!

Hi there! Yes, one year ago, Aug 6, 2020, we published our first episode. It goes without saying that we are pretty stoked that we made it through the first year, and people are still listening! Not just our friends…LOL We want to thank those of you that have stayed with us since the beginning, and thank all the newbies that have just discovered us and like it too.

As most of you may know, we are on a new platform now. Its pretty rad, and easy to use. We are digging it so far. Check it out here: …..and leave us a voice message!

We are digging the listener suggestions being sent in by you guys. We promise that when we air your suggested episodes, we will send you some swag. We currently have stickers, but are looking for ideas for more cool shit. A shout out to Chelly & Nina this week! Thanks ladies! Stay creepy!